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Ok sooo what your all saying is..... There is no way my teen is going to have intercourse before they are 18, and there is no way it will be unprotected..... And there is no way they could get an STD!

I don't know about you but I was no angel, and I did get HPV! If I was able to not have gone through what I did because my mother turned the "there is no way" eye I would have done it.

And don't get me wrong but what if, heaven forbid, your teen is at a party, and get raped.... or random rape and gets it! Those are things you can't control.

I don't know about you but if I can prevent a worse outcome I will!

ETA: I do not mean any discontent in my statements this was the reasoning behind why I got the vaccine for my DD. I do not mean you all in the above statement as a bash or negative. It bothers me that as parents we (in general) tend to under play how we were as terms and children. We (again in general) tend to forget as humans we make mistakes and teen hormones tend to be part of that.
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