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Re: Found this blog about Snap Benefits

Originally Posted by My Sweet Blessings View Post
the thing with prices. every area has different prices for different things. it amazes me that some people can get a gallon of milk for $2. Right now, for me, a gallon of regular milk is $4.20 and that's a GOOD price! I generally pay $4.50 and up. ... even at wal-mart. I know for sure I can't get 5 apples for $2. lol that would be almost $4 for me. even buying the 5 lb bag would set me back nearly $5. On sale, maybe $4. We don't get the "good" sales, either. There is no such thing as doubling here and our dairy coupons are limited. A lot will say void in La. so annoying.
I get what you are saying. I would assume that since I live in a high COL area in terms of housing( like a 2 bed room apt is atleast $1,000+ min here) , that our food would be on the more expensive side too. But I can always, even in off season, get a pound of apples for $2 or less. I can always find atleast one kind of fruit for less than $2 a pound, most of the time $1 a pound.

Wonder why food is so much more expensive where you are? I assume that since each state bases the SNAP benefit on their own food cost but idk.
Is your housing costs on the lower end? Then it would kinda even out, you know?
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