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DS no longer taking his bottle at daycare?

I am hoping that a more experienced mama can assure me that this may be normal. My sweet baby boy is 8.5mths old and trying to cut in his teeth. My nanny has him from 7-5 M-F but she just recently came back from her vacation. While on vacation, I was off of work and nursed exclusively. Now that she is back, he will go all day without taking his bottle (pumped milk) and I am just a bit worried. That is such a long time without eating/drinking. When I get home with him in the evenings, he nurses immediately but doesn't act like he's starving? He plays with food a bit but doesn't actually swallow very much of it and will not take any juice. I bought a few sippy cups for her to try thinking that maybe the change would help but no. Any ideas? Is this normal?
BTW...he is a chunky monkey at just over 20lbs so not a skinny baby
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