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Re: Public School Kindergarten in modern times...what do you think?

Originally Posted by myoo View Post
I taught kindergarten 10 years ago and felt that it was getting out of hand even then. No recess in half day K and only one 15 minute recess allowed in full day K. It was ridiculous. My students managed to meet all the academic standards without homework or excessive table work. A friends son is in K now and has a ridiculous amount of homework. The teacher even gave daily homework to do over Christmas vacation! I wish we would just let our kids be little and allow them to learn in a developmentally appropriate manner.
Oh yes, I forgot about holiday homework. They get it on Thanksgiving week, the 2 weeks of Christmas, and the one week of spring break. And I will be totally honest [this coming for a teacher ]
I don't have my children do it. It is a VACATION! I let them enjoy it. We were in Ohio visiting family this past Christmas. My children had never spent a Christmas with their Paternal Grandparents. One of whom has stage 4 cancer. You better believe I did not do homework, but them enjoy that vacation fully.

I do agree that Kinder can be great for those who are ready [my oldest was!!], but awful for those who are not. Especially when it is rigorous.

The extremely funny thing is my youngest comes home with those straight faces nearly every day because he talked during lunch or he shouted out an answer, or he talked or played with a friend in specials [you know, the one where they have to sit and listen for 45 minutes.]

Yet for the all the "trouble" he gives, he is totally on target, knows his stuff, placed in the 80th/90th percentile in their testing. So he IS learning!
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