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We actually plan to skip formal prek with our boys and go straight to k. DH is a prek aide and works with DS1 all the time but for tiny amounts of time. They count Cheerios at breakfast, split them into groups and add, talk about colors while reading, learn letters while doing a puzzle, etc. no formal structure so learning is fun and when he has no joy or attention for concepts, he just plays or chats instead.

I am concerned about how they will handle k. I had all day k in 1985 but we had 3 recess, lunch, free play, and nap time. We had built in down time and our teachers didn't expect us to sit quietly for the entire day.

Heck, DS1 will be 4 in less than a month and I can't get him to sit still for 30 min unless he's in front of the tv.

K is way too intense and structured for the majority of kids, especially the barely 5 year olds.

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