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Re: Public School Kindergarten in modern times...what do you think?

Originally Posted by syfitz View Post
I have a friend with 6 boys and she refers to teaching them as "ballistic homeschooling". She gives homeschool lectures and often tells the story of homeschooling her oldest and how exasperated she was the first year. She tells how one day she was reading a lesson to him and he was sitting in his chair upside down, and "drumming" on the underside of the table with his pencils the whole time she was reading aloud. She was angry, frustrated, and gave up after that for the day. Later, she overheard him telling her husband all about what she had read to him, in detail. She quickly discovered that her son learned best while being active in some way.
My oldest reads while listening to music on headphones. Drives me nuts, but she actually absorbs things better that way. I can't understand it, but it works for her. She consistently scores above the 90th percentile on standardized tests.
YES!! Exactly. I can't say Amen loud enough! Some need to do that to learn. Some need to stand by their desk and write. Others need a couple of walk laps around the room, etc, etc.

I hate the whole "every child must fit in the same educational box".
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