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Re: 105 Degree Fever, Blue Limbs and Lips, 6 Hours in the ER and.......

I don't know mama, sometimes there are no answers but just keep a watchful eye on him and dont' be afraid to take him back.
My DD was in the hospital at 3 months due to not wanting to wake up. She would only wake for about 5 min. to nurse then sleep again. Did this for almost 18 hours and we took her to the ER. They ran all kinds of tests.. nothing. But thought meningitis possibly due to the sleeping and sluggishness. Tried two spinals, wouldnt work but everything else about her was fine.. no fever at all. Told me to take her home. What???
Went home, didn't feel good about it, she still wasn't waking. Took her back and waited for hours to get back in. Tried another spinal, UTI, X-ray test, etc... but nothing. However, this new doc now wanted her transfered to a special infant hospital due to it being almost 24 hours with only waking during spinal and pricks. Then falls right back to sleep.
Well, they went ahead and gave her some strong antibiotics, didn't work after 24 hours like it should have. Gave her an even stronger one that they use for meningitis over 3 days.
Finally after 2 1/2 days, she started to wake up normally. They believe she had some bad virus that they couldn't find but that the antibiotics killed.
Praised me later for being so strong headed and taking her back in.

Go with your instinct and do what you think is best! Don't be afraid to ? the doctors.
Jennifer, Mom to 4 and an angel.
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