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Re: 17 Month Old DS Climbing Out of Crib- What to do?

Originally Posted by me_just_me View Post
My DS started that at 17 months and we got a crib tent. But they don't make them anymore. Not sure what I'd do if we didn't get that.

My DS was into everything and was a danger to himself. No baby proofing could stop him. The toddler bed wasn't an option since he was sharing a room with his sister. She needed to be able to use the bathroom at night so we couldn't have him able to get out of the room. We got another year out of the crib with the tent.

He is now 3 and bed time is STILL horrible. All naps stopped once the crib was gone and he we still have to take everything out of his room at night including the lamp. He empties the dresser and hamper every few nights along with the garbage can if we forget to take that out. The closet is locked so he can't get into that. We even have to "lock" the door so it can only open a few inches until they fall asleep - then we let it open all the way. Without doing that my DS gets into things in the bathroom (which we can't lock since the kids need to use it) I've come into find his room with water all over, tooth paste spread on the carpet soap all over, pouring shampoo down the drain etc. And he is so quiet that you can't hear a thing

I sure hope that your little one makes an easy transition to a toddler bed and settles right in. My littlest is 6 months, and I'm hoping she ends up being like my DD and NOT my DS! I don't think I could survive another one of him - especially since all 3 will be sharing the same room...
Wow! I worry that my son will get into trouble just like this. I will try to teach what he can and can't touch, and establish boundaries (but I know that doesn't always stop them). I think we'll get a toddler bed and see how that goes, plus try putting the gate up in his room and clearing anything out that I don't want him playing with. I'm nervous about this. I do feel like I need to move him soon like most of you have said though, because I am very worried he is going to hurt himself. My mom knocked out her front teeth climbing out of her crib. I barely slept last night worrying that he would try to climb out again. Today at my brother's place he climbed out of the playpen and they don't have a gate at the top of the stairs, and I do not trust him going down their steep stairs at all, he gets distracted WAY too easily. We need to do something soon.
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