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Re: How much does my 24 month old understand

UPDATE! and need MORE HELP! lol

Thanks mamas! So the next time he threw baby Jesus I just took him away and said that we don't throw and we can try again tomorrow. He quickly forgot all about baby Jesus being taken away so I figured it wasn't going to do anything. Well, he hasn't thrown him since! Everyday (yes, we still have our nativity scene out... and our christmas tree. lol) he picks him up and says "no" and motions a throw and then says "yes" and rocks and kisses baby jesus and then puts him back. WOW!

So I've done this with SO many other things since then. Throw sippy cup, it goes away (although this one is still a common issue. I can't not let him drink all day. I'll take it away for a few hours and he'll be good for the rest of the day. But every few days he'll start throwing it again. Any suggestions for this one?). Bang fork on the table, have to eat with your hands. And it's been working well.

Anyways, what can I do for situations where things can't be taken away?!?

HITTING! Ah! He doesn't hit hard (anymore), he just very lightly taps, but he pulls his arm all the way back when he does it (kind of like a fake hit in slow motion). And he says "hit" with a smile when he does it. When he hits me or his baby sister, I immediately get up and walk away and say "we don't hit." He freaks out and cries and walks around following me. After a minute or two I'll crotch down to talk to him. I'll tell him hitting is mean. We don't hit. He'll say he won't hit again, hug me and say he's sorry. But he will usually end up hitting again that day. It's not getting any better. Now he doesn't hit hard, so it's not out of frustration. He hits knowing it's wrong. My husband has asked if ds wants daddy to hit him... and I don't want to go there so I need a solution FAST! I also don't like walking away because it's just like a walking around time out, but it doesn't work anyway.

Help please.
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