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Re: AUGUST 2012 Chat Thread!!!

Originally Posted by dalynn1997 View Post
Having these 2 newbies is so much better than it was with Screech ... he screamed nearly non-stop most days.
Ok, this is exactly how my 3 year old was - screamed no matter what, inconsolable. So what do you do? Is there anything that can help the babies like that? We asked the social workers and the pediatrician and no one could give us any suggestions or referrals for anything to help/ anyone with experience in meth exposure to go to. She was never in early intervention, never had trouble with tone or motor skills, developmental milestones or anything. Do you just have to let them scream and wait it out? Or is there something that was missed with her? I am trying to learn from others' experience so if we have to deal with that again I can advocate better- although this baby seems to have avoided that extreme. Dd2 still has trouble with sensory and self regulating at almost 4 yrs, and we have finally been referred to someone - a developmental pediatrician. I don't know if that's the right place to go but her appt is finally coming up in a couple weeks after waiting at least six months and I am hoping it is beneficial.

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