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Re: Can i exclusivley breastfeed after baby was fed formula for two days in hospital?

I think it's fantastic that you're trying to give your LO breastmilk! DS had latch issues and got really jaundiced so I had to give him formula until my milk came in. They had a little chart of how many mililieters I had to give him for each day of life. I gave whatever I pumped first (before my milk came in it was barely 5ml) and then the rest I gave formula. By the time my milk came in I made plenty and was able to stop the formula entirely. I think it's fantastic that she is taking the breast. I had to finger-feed DS for a while before he learned to latch. I would avoid bottles and if you have to give her formula (on Dr's orders) I would suppliment with some other method, cup, finger feed, SNS, ect. However, If you are giving her any formula you need to be pumping to tell your body that your baby wants the milk, if you don't pump your supply will not increase properly. Congrats on the little one and best of luck!
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