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calm me down please! May be tmi for some

I've posted here a bit before, there are a few reasons (some really dumb, some totally valid) that I'm not sure I want to go for #4 and if we do go for it there are things I need to take care of first. Well, one of them (switching meds) I took care of today so I'm ok there but I need to go to the dentist and I want to get Aflac maternity insurance (you have to have it before you get pregnant I hear) and I would still like to lose some more weight (I've dropped over 50 lbs in the past year but still need to lose more) ANYWAY...

Dh and I decided that I'd stay off the pill until we decide if we want #4 (he does but is ok with not). We've been using condoms which I must say that I enjoy. We've never used them before but it is so nice to not leak all day after we dtd . Dh doesn't mind them and we've had a great time trying out all the different types. Well I had a period a couple weeks ago and then the next week (last week) we were out of town and ended up being gone longer than we had planned and got a hotel room and well...he pulled since we had no condoms. Ok, no big deal. So two days later I got the sticky clear slimy stuff that means I'm ovulating. (Sorry, I don't know all the terms or whatever but I know this stuff means I am ovulating.) Great. What are the odds though, really? So then last night (yes, dh and I dtd pretty much daily) he lost the condom in me! Not lost like I had to go to the ER and have it surgically removed but it was in me and not on him. It is almost like we are being sabotaged! The good news is we perfected a new position for us that I now refer to as the 'Olympic'. Obviously if I did get pregnant it would be ok, but I want to make that decision...not have it made for me! So, calm me down here, tell me that pull and pray works great for you and that lost condoms seal in the contents so there is no chance for pregnancy. I'm just not sure we should have another baby yet and now I have to wait two weeks to make sure I'm not.
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