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Re: calm me down please! May be tmi for some

Originally Posted by 2boysmama View Post
Thanks mama. We dtd pretty much daily so that should keep his sperm count down, right? So the odds either way have got to be pretty low. The only thing I can think of is that I read up on some swaying stuff because if we do have another I'd love to have a girl. All of that said to time it right before you O because the female sperm aren't as fast but have more endurance and the egg is up high so the boy sperm get tired and drop out of the race. I'm sure that isn't exactly as science would explain it but that is at least getting me a bit excited for the possibility. And if in two weeks AF comes and I'm upset about then maybe that will me decide for sure about #4, if I'm relieved completely for my period then I think I have my answer, ya' know. Thanks for waiting it out with me, I'll let ya' know in two weeks!
Yeah I've read that for swaying also. It only takes on spermy so the chances are still there. Only time will tell
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