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Re: Anyone with a bi-polar teen or have experience with one?

My baby brother is bi polar. He hears voices, “see’s” people, “thinks” people think/feel/believe things/hate him, hurts himself and others, is extremely destructive, has even killed a pet fish, and is inappropriately sexual (flashes), the whole 9 yards. He’s only 6yo. He was adopted and we know his birth mother used drugs and alcohol while pg. He’s also been diagnosed with ADHD. Poor kid takes a whole hand full of meds at least 2xs daily.

What I know is…..Manic episodes Kill brain cells. The worse the episode the more it kills. The RIGHT meds help a TON!! But they must constantly be monitored and changed as he grows/matures. Counseling once to twice weekly helps a TON. Almost anything emotional or environmental can ‘set him off’. So day light savings time wreaks havoc on our lives, so does a bad day at school or a bad grade on a paper.
We also found out that because it was caught so early (my mom ROCKS!) and he’s getting proper care for it there is a chance that when he’s in his 20’s he’ll lead a totally normal med free life!! We are really excited about that!! Because of course with how extreme he is there is also a chance that if un-medicated he could become a mass murder as a teenager. But we are NOT going to let that happen!!!!

The thing is when his meds are just right he’s totally normal and such a cool kid!!! It was amazing to see him go from having so many problems being depressed, gloomy and almost without personality to getting diagnosed, getting help and meds to turning into a happy, clever, outgoing, loving kid with a great personality. The difference in him was night and day!! Yeah as he grows/gets older the meds need adjusting/changed and we can TELL when that is needed!! Right now he’s very manic. Mom is in the process of starting to wean him off Abilify while weaning him onto something new. It’s a little scary cause we can only hope the Drs know him well enough that the new med will be right for him. But it’s also a really great thing because he has an attention tremor that we believe is being exaggerated by the Abilify (thank you new studies!!). It’s a very frustrating disability for him!! He can’t snap and button clothes or tie his shoes.

Sorry this is so long! My point is your nephew needs to get diagnosed. Then he needs proper counseling and meds. He’ll be so much happier and more able to cope with life without being destructive and abusive to himself and others.
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