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Re: I absolutely LOVE Mother-ease!! ACTION SHOTS!

Just adding some more pics to this great post!
pbresolin - I couldn't agree more with your original post!! We've tried many different kinds of diapers and we have two MEOS - one cotton, one bamboo and the more and more I use and wash them, the more impressed I am with how beautifully they hold up through washings and how well they work. With #2 on the way and trying to figure out how we want to keep our stash, I've finally decided that of all that we have, the MEOS are what we're going to add. They're bulky on the little ones, but they do such a great job and I am just so impressed by how well they hold up that I want to have these in our stash to last through more than one kid!
A few pics when DD was smaller(about a year ago - 10mos. and about 17lbs) and we first got the bamboo and I was slightly concerned on the crotch bulk. I'm way over it now - lol and these are just about the only "onesie/twosie - loose" diapers that have stayed in our stash being used regularly(they get washed in EVERY load of diaper laundry!) and that I haven't sold

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