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Re: Ok, WHY don't you VAX?

Just wanted to add that alot of time these vax don't even work, I was completely vaccinated. For everything. Got chicken pox not only once but TWICE! Don't really remember either time, didn't get very sick at all, was out of school for maybe a week. My brothers both got Chicken Pox too. same thing. My mom was vaccinated and has gotten Ruebella and Mumps, chicken pox. So proof positive that they do not always work. So what is the point, honestly? If most kids get these things anyway, why inject them with stuff that only God knows could be dangerous? I'm furious with myself for allowing a nurse in the NICU to walk over me and give her the Hep B shot, I didn't want her to have it, she was only 5 days old and we were fixing to travel back home at least 3 hours away (we were evacuated due to Hurricane Rita and my dd "needed" 5 days antibiotics, which is a whole other story) I was afraid of any reaction but she told me I couldn't leave with my daughter if she didnt' get it. Why do they lie to you? In my Opinion, God gave us instincts and for a reason, everytime she would get shots, all of my motherly alarms went off, I hated it, the whole thing. I didn't want to do it but was led to believe that I "had" to. No more!
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