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Re: cloth diapers at hospital/birth plans...what to do?

This is my third baby. The first one, I went to the hospital as soon as I was having any sort of regular contractions (hospital was 45 minutes away!). I got there at 11:30 pm and had him 8:23 pm the next day (not bad for a first, but still!).

With #2, I labored all day at home while I was working. I finally went in when I was losing 15 seconds off of each contraction intervals (hospital, again, was a 45-minute drive due to traffic). Told DH we should go in "just to get checked", and we ended up with DD within four hours; I was 6 cm when I reached the hospital.

This one, the hospital is about a 12-minute drive, so I'm not panicked. I have a midwife for my regular GYN care, but I have not seen her throughout this pregnancy; just the OBs.

I plan to labor as long as possible at home this time as well. I MUCH prefer it, and I have a lot that will likely need to be done on the way out the door, not to mention two other kids who will be bored if we are at the hospital for too long.

I'm getting all my ducks together today as far as the printings and such. That and wrapping up the weekend's work. Sounds like a fun day, huh?
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