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Re: cloth diapers at hospital/birth plans**UPDATE ON POST #35**

Well, L&D finally called me back, after I had had my next OB visit. I explained all of what was going on (again) to my OB. They asked for a copy of the birthplan I was putting into place. No problem.

L&D called on Tuesday (my cutoff date for them to get back to me). Amazingly, this lady had never heard of basilar migraines (which I anticipated). I wrote out a simple but thorough birth plan for her and sent it on. By my OB appointment today, my doc had already seen it over at L&D! Yeah!

I was hoping working with L&D would give me a clue as to what was normal for them and what I could do to help them out, so that they could help ME out. Even simple things like "cloth diapers only" could have been a problem; I was assured it would not be a problem.

There are copies of my birth plan and my oxygen prescription now at L&D, in my OB office chart, in my bag, and in the diaper bag. I will present L&D with another copy upon arrival and will paste one to the door as well.

I THINK I'm covered now...cross fingers!
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