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Re: Anyone have success washing with just cold water?

Washing diapers on cold is easy, but it requires a little more specific routine.

1) Presoak cycle is recommended. Hot water helps soften solids, so does time in cold water, so the extra soaking is a good alternative to hot water.

2) Frequency. The longer a diaper stays soiled, the more effort it takes to cleanse. Consider washing at least every other day.

3) Storage. Wetpails make diaper cleaning easier as waste is diluted in the pail AND solids don't harden inside the diaper and it's fibers. You can also add mild sanitizers to you wetpail solution.

4) Use the correct detergent. Choose a brand that is formulated for your water hardness and for cold wash.

4) Dry hot. Heat and drying are important for sanitizing.
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