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How do you get past them being lazy with words or..

do you just not worry? Few months ago we counted 20 something words...he's picked up some more since then...but he's going through this phase of pointing to everything and not WANTING to talk or say the words. just point and grunts. but other times like when he's gone #2 in his diaper or something he's like 'diaper' and says that and other things plain as day. He also will get in chatty modes where he babbles on and on about stuff but we can't understand a word of it. Then other times he won't say anything and when we visit family we get the evil eye of he's not talking/he's slow/behind. Which totally makes me mad b/c I know he knows a lot of words. Last week we had an episode where he wanted his cup but he kept pointing at it and being whiny. So I told him if he wanted his cup to say either cup or juice (regardless of what was in it...juice is easier to say than water..though he tries to say water...just the point of associating it with at least something). So then he proceeds to call it juice. Okay we've established something. Then lots of things he talks but the pronunciation is so off we can't understand what he's trying to say. Granted too he just got tubes and i told DH he may start hearing a little better cuz he had lots of fluid in his ears prior to surgery. Guess i'm just babbling myself at this point.
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