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Re: Holy Dye Batman! Dylon LWI - dye galore!

Originally Posted by Funky Birdie Boutique View Post

Sry for any Jenn!
Hehehe no worries - I don't care!

Originally Posted by Funky Birdie Boutique View Post
Oh Jenn, I have a ? for u: I have an all white summer dress that I was just abt to dye and then I realized it's 47%poly, 47%rayon, and 6% spandex... will this take the dye, or will it just be a waste and make a funky mess like my mf inserts?? TIA for advice!!
Hmmmm, I think with the Dylon it won't take well. The fabric needs to be mostly natural fibers and I believe some one mentioned that it needed to be at least 60% natural. It might turn out like the MF insert....

Originally Posted by Funky Birdie Boutique View Post
Btw, I"m soooo addicted!
Me too!!! I keep wondering what to dye next and thankfully my aunt came to the rescue with a sweatshirt she loves but her granddaughter spilled coffee all over - so that's next!

I am going to be trying out some Procion here soon because I want to make myself some bamboo prefolds and I'm worried about fade with Dylon and hot water. But I think Dylon will always be my first love. So easy, so pretty, so addicting....

Originally Posted by Nanner99 View Post
GORGEOUS! The only drawback I have seen with Dylon, is that all my prefolds dyed with it have faded a lot, whereas the ones I used the Tye-Dye kits on do not fade much. BUT- that is with cotton diapers, which are washed on hot a zillion times!
I love the colors you used in the first one- so rich and yummy.
Thanks so much - that's exactly what I was thinking!! I know that washing on cold helps to maintain the color and so blankets, etc. should be fine. But I was wanting to make some prefolds but I know I wash the HECK out of my diapers on hot so.... time to learn some Procion! Hehe.

But I'm not through with Dylon yet!
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