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Originally Posted by MattiMaman nausea is getting worse and the doc gave me a Rx for Zofran. I'm not actually throwing up (yet), but it's to the point I can hardly get up from the couch. From my "research" online it looks like most people who take Zorfan have hypermesis. I'm able to eat some everyday (but it's not healthy food). Toddler watching tons of TV and house is a wreck. WWYD?
If it were me personally, I'd take one week to commit to eating healthier foods that would keep my blood sugar levels balanced (to rule out the "junk food" being a factor) and then take the zofran guilt free if that didn't improve things. I notice that my body starts to grave crappy food when it's especially in need of protein. Cottage cheese, cheese sticks, eggs, meat, nuts, protein shakes even. Just make sure every time you put something in your body it's a mix of carb/healthy fat/protein. The healthy fat and protein help stabilize the blood sugar and prevent a big "spike" from just the carbs, and the eventual crash after the spike.

I also noticed that getting moving in the mornig first thing really helped me. Getting out and exercising by walking in the neighborhood, taking a shower, dressing in normal clothes. All those things go a long way to keep me from sinking into morning sickness funk. And i DO get the really nasty hyperemesis kind where I'm stuck puking several times a day. But for me personally, the more I focus on how bad I feel - the worse I feel. Not to say everyone is like that, that's just me.
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