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Hello preemie mamas! We had 2 full term HUGE babies before having our first preemie due to pProm at 32 weeks. Marleigh is now a very smart, energetic 18 month old. Seeing her now at 23lbs, you'd never know she weighed 4lb 8oz at birth. She spent 22 days in the NICU. We recently (12/23) welcomed our second preemie, a 36 weeker. Noah spent no time in the NICU and the only issue he had was some issues with his blood sugar. 7lb 5.1oz, if he'd stayed put until term he surely would have been big like our two full term girls (Mackenzie age 12, birth weight 9lb 7.6oz and Madelynn age 8 almost 9, birth weight 9lb 9oz)!
[SIZE="3"]Married to Mike~ Proud mama to Mackenzie (13), Madelynn (9) ,Marleigh (25months), and Noah (11months) We are a family
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