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New NiCU baby for me... Everett was born today at 32.1 weeks weighing 4.13 lbs and 18 1/4" long. So far he's doing great! He is big and feisty and only requiring Cpap at room air right now. This is our fifth baby, third Nicu go round. My oldest is the only one who skipped the NICU. My 5yo daughter was a 4.4 lb 32 weeker who spent 42 days, 3yo twins were 32.3 weekers 4.3 and 4.6 lbs who spent 30 days each and came home on oxygen and monitors, and my surrogate daughter was 31,6 weeks 3.6lbs and a two month stay. Not new to the scene unfortunately... Just thought I would introduce us to other who can relate to the chaos of the NICU! Sitting here pumping currently ;-)
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