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Re: Hello everyone.. need advice!

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post
Are you wanting an easy all in one (with no need for a cover?) or are you wanting something that you would use a cover with? What is your budget? Do you want sized or one size? Do your children tend to be super wetters, or normal? Do you want diapers for your 1 year old and your newbie or just the newbie? Do you have anything left over from your older child? Oh and do you like velcro or snaps?
Wow, this is a lot. Ok Jagger (my 12 month old) is only 19lbs and is 20" tall. He doesn't seem to be a super soaker like his brother was, but every now and then he fills a disposable up super fast. I'd really like one size diapers so that the babies can share them. I have small babies like 6.5lbs so I will probably use disposables at first with a newborn since this is for sure my last and I don't want to have to buy a newborn stash as well. I have nothing left from my oldest. I've only ever used snaps ( I think I did have one velcro bum genuis but hardly used it). I want something that'll last and I heard velcro wears over time. So I guess snaps, although I am kind of looking into GroVia hybrids because snapping them in isn't a big deal to me. What do you guys think of those?
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