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If I had known...

...that I would hate using covers on a newborn, not really care for prefolds on them either, and that the newborn Simplex were the best thing since sliced bread - I would have bought ALL newborn Simplex! Seriously! These fit under his cord from birth (nb proraps and nb workhorse didn't even fit under the cord!), they are easy to change, easy to wash, and less hassle! But alas, I only have 2

So I guess I just wanted to complain...and share! I love prefolds and covers, especially the Flip system, on my 2 yr old, so that's what I stashed up on! It never occurred to me that I might like different systems for different stages.

BTW, if you're reading this and thinking, gosh, I sure wish I had a bunch of prefolds and covers instead of these newborn simplex, PM me! We'll trade lol!
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