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Side "dishes" for a grilling-themed lunch?

DH and I are going to have a gender reveal party when we have our 20-week ultrasound. Since we're in a house now, with a real, live yard, we plan on grilling. DH wants to get the meat from Schwan's and then have our guests bring everything else. I need more ideas for what to have people bring. I plan on having people call me when they RSVP to let me know what they're bringing, so that way I don't end up with 12 trays of veggies and no buns, lol. Anyway, here are the "extras" that I have so far, and I'm open to suggestions on other things.

Buns (hot dog and hamburger)
Cheese slices
Fruit salad
Veggie tray
Drinks (I'll have everyone bring this, in addition to their other side)

Am I missing anything? I don't mind having a few duplicate items but just want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything major.
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