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Originally Posted by iwiamandaiwi
it doesnt mean they are not grateful to be pregnant. I personally am miserable with hyperemesis and yes, I do complain, but I wouldn't go back and NOT get pregnant. Whatever I have to do for my babies I will gladly do. It doesn't mean that you don't need to vent your misery once in a while though. It helps you to cope with your misery by talking to others about it.
I agree. As a 6 time HG survivor who is trying to get pregnant and has had many many miscarriages and several 2 year time periods of TTC I have the right to complain. Doesnt make me ungrateful at all but honestly having HG sucks but I am willing to lie in bed for 4 months in complete darkness for my baby, but I should have the right to complain or seek out some help from friends or have an ear or shoulder to cry on.

I dont think it is insensitive....until you walk a mile in someone elses shoes...and all that.
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