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Re: new vax requirements here

lol...yeah, our district has a thing about not letting kids go to the school without vax's either. When Abby went for her one year, they said they needed a copy of her vax book, so I said we don't vax. We do, however, have a waiver on file with our fp, and I could have him fax it over ot you. She said no, no kids without vax's in the school. I asked for a meeting with the principal, she asked why, I said because they were giving out information that was against the law. The subject was dropped.

Our district does, however, require that children how are not vaxed stay out of school when there is an outbreak, as they are more likely to be transmitters of the disease. Shows how much trust they have in those vax's they love so much, huh? lol
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