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Book recs for wild boys?

Hey there! I need some book recommendations for dealing with my very active ("wild") almost 3 year-old. He's very verbal, as in he gives me a running commentary of his activities all day long. But he's also got energy coming out his ears and needs a lot of gross motor activities to wear him out. He has recently had some more problems with hitting/shoving on top of the usual shoving his brother every time he walks by. He's smart and wants to do everything himself (=he usually figures out a way to also).
Right now I'm re-reading Siblings Without Rivalry and How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk. I've got several other gentle parenting books on my shelf, but I'm looking at something specifically aimed at dealing with boys or active kids or gifted children. I need to get some perspective of the situation and stop feeling like I need to micromanage him, so he won't hurt anyone.

I just saw a recommendation for The Way of Boys and it looks like the kind of thing I'm after. Anyone read it? Similar titles that are better? We have a copy of Raising Boys by Steve Biddulph and it didn't knock my socks off.
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