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The battle of the bulge

My 5 year old refuses to wear a coat. We live in New England so it's getting chilly. He is in school for only 2.5 hours a day, but it's an older school and I'm not sure how reliable the heating system is there. DH gets him ready for school since I'm at work, but lately, the temperatures have begun to drop and he puts up a fight about wearing a coat. Usually we can compromise with him and he'll wear a fleece jacket, but today he flat out refused to wear anything.

Right now it is 49F. DH insisted on a coat or a jacket at least, but he threw a hissy fit and ended up going to school in only a long sleeved shirt.

Any suggestions on how to handle this? DH says he is much more stubborn with him than he is with me and the easiest thing to do was to say "Fine, go to school like that." But I don't want DS to think he can always get his way. And this might also involve his health.
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