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Re: This Is Making Me Crazy I Have To Vent

It is frustrating...I never know who to get aggravated at - the mothers who are being fed this garbage or the ignorant people who perpetuate the misinformation!

I've seen the EBF thing before but I just figured that was someone who didn't understand the board lingo...I've seen some pretty silly diaper abbreviations too...I figure we've all done that at one time or another. I will say though, with DJ, I had to pump exclusively for the first 6.5 weeks but I still considered him EBF because he was getting exclusively breastmilk...I didn't figure the container mattered much. Bottles are kind of a sensitive subject for me because I worked very hard to breastfeed my son and I *had* to use a bottle to do it...for a while at least. So maybe I'm a little more open minded about that one than some people. I get what you're sayign though and there are a lot of people, especially on some of the mainstream boards that just make you want to smack them!
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