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Re: Is there an online movie/show site that has a plan with just a few shows a month?

I don't think you can generally control the amount streamed, but you can put parental controls on which shows can be streamed (I believe this is the case on both netflix and hulu, but I could be completely wrong). If you want to just pay for individual screenings, you could do so on amazon. But their selection is awfully small, and I don't know that you'd find it cost effective.

PBS has some of their shows streaming online during the month that they air (for free!). I'm not sure how extensive this is, but I've watched a couple of British series that way. Also select sitcoms stream for free on hulu during the month in which they aired. But if you want to keep your kids away from all of the other sitcoms they could watch for free that you do not wish them to (I don't think there are parental controls on their free service, and I only have their free service), then you may not want them to know about that site!
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