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Re: Swagbucks and taxes

Originally Posted by minneapolisite View Post
You are talking about SALES tax. We are talking about INCOME tax. All US citizens have to pay federal income tax, and most citizens have to pay state income tax. Buying a gift card for yourself with your own money is not "income," but EARNING a gift card (like you do through swagbucks) IS income.

Just because you don't receive a 1099 does not mean you don't have to pay taxes on income. Again, consult a real tax attorney or accountant. I'm sitting in tax class right now and chatting on DS, so that tells you just how diligent a student I am.
I am talking about regular taxes too- I'm sure that their lawyers have found a loophole becasue if they were to pay one person for a certain amount of giftcards (or whatever you get on swagbucks)- they would HAVE to send a 1099 to those people, but they would also have to require a social security number for that paperwork, so there is some loophole that is in place to make it not a taxable income.
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