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Night weaning 19mo help

This is also posted in Parenting Talk, I just need help!

My 19mo still wakes to nurse 1-3 times a night, but he's just getting so big I can't get a decent nights sleep anymore. We have bunk beds in our room (it's literally "the bed room", lol) and our 4yo does wonderfully on the top bunk. I've tried putting him to sleep in his bed, bottom bunk, the past few nights. He now expects it. Bed time he goes to "his bed". But I'm always getting up to nurse him. All but one night I brought him to my bed, and I slept so little that night, it completely defeated the purpose.

All I want is some decent sleep, my DD spoiled me with it, slept through the night at 5 Weeks and every night since (once she wakes up though is a different story, lol).
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