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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for More week of December 3rd

Good luck Kelsie!

Mel-ugh on the possible whooping cough :-(

Laurel-sorry about the dentist. OUCH. I dread going to mine-I just know the hyperemesis has shot more teeth (every child so far meant 8-10 fillings and a root canal or 2). Prayers for courage in calling the Dr.

Amy continued prayers. I have got to say that once I knew the pregnancies were doomed I like the D&Cs because it made things be over with quickly and easily physically. I found it more than just a bit annoying to still have pregnancy symptoms after baby has passed. (and with my first loss I still had HG even after the last of the triplets had no hb anymore)

Liesl hope you have a sticky take home baby there!!! I was on Lovenox too for the first 12w of this pregnancy (just a precaution because of my many losses). Well worth it but the bruises are still something else!
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