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Re: ok be honest..

Originally Posted by A.Fred View Post
I totally get that she does awesome codes and stuff..but for one of her fitteds with the current like around $12 I believe. I just struggle with people forgetting how much shipping costs are I sometimes feel like people expect FFS. Even though I'm the original owner..and barely used them..because I realized pretty fast that DS couldn't do fleece.

Excuse my random feeling sorry moment. I'll get over it
No - I hear ya! It is so slow right now. My first couple years on DS selling was easy - but the last couple years have been really slow - especially the last 6 months.

She does the packages where you get the 30 percent off code, and 6 diapers, free shipping - and it comes out even for bamboo fleece inners at less than $8 shipped per diaper (if you get 6).

But I hear you.

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