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Re: An alternative to store bought formula!

Thank you. I'm not sure i understand what culturing will do. Does that introduce good bacteria into the milk that would offset the possibility of any of the bad pathogens taking over and baby getting sick or dying? How does one culture milk with piima or kefir? I'll tell you what finally scared me off. First i started off w/this article which would seek to "embrace" raw milk consumption and debunk much of what the CDC has been saying about it (I do have a healthy skepticisim of any govt agency, Esp the CDC).

But as i read through the comments people posted, i read a few things that scared me (too many to find now which ones specifically). Then in the interest of being objective I also looked at what would be the worst case scenario, specifically i looked at accounts of people who actually got sick one way or another, supposedly from raw milk:

I know to take everything with a grain of salt, but i really haven't had, or do i have enough time to be able to research this to my satisfaction (it took years of researching on vaccines to convince myself, and ultimately hubby, that we didn't like them, and even that i'm still afraid and sometimes second-guessing myself as to whether or not we are unnecessarily risking the health, and lives, of our little angels.) I don't know if i could compound that risk by having them consume raw milk which may or may not end up killing them. Everyone around me is old-school conservative about such things so i wouldn't have much of a support system in this.

I know long ago i had heard of the purported benefits of raw milk, and how pasteurizing kills a lot of the good bacteria. I also remember my ex-fiance who is originally from Europe, telling me how he missed drinking milk, literally fresh from the cow's udder itself, that the taste was just so much better. But i also read a book (what was it, Fit for Life or something?) that really impacted me when they were talking about humans are not meant to drink cow's milk anyway. This is milk that's meant to take a little calf, and grow her exponentially. So what would it do to us? Not to mention why are so many people lactose-intolerant? (I am, so is hubby) It kind of made sense to me and i believe we weren't Meant to drink milk, milk is for the baby of the species that's producing it. For sure my baby should be drinking my breast milk. If only that had worked i wouldn't be struggling now! ~sigh~ It's too much for me to take on now. Maybe once baby is a little older and her immune system is stronger (age of 2 or so, i'd say) I could consider raw milk for all of us.
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