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On to the stink issue again

I've read all the posts and I've tried everything. We moved almost 2 months ago (well water now as well as new washer) and I have yet to get a washing routine that works. I've done up to 5 cold rinses once to get rid of bubbles. Right now everything stinks of ammonia as soon as he pees in it.

I've read about boiling hemp, can I boil cb inserts and mf towels? I quit using hemp thinking that was the problem back when the smell was really only in the pail (or night dipe), but it's gotten worse.

We use pockets pretty much with cb inserts wrapped in mf towels. For detergent, I have a little Sun left (can't stand the smell of it), Tide, Purex F&C (haven't used yet), All F&C (that's what I used at the old house). I did the Dawn thing a few days ago. I picked up Borax, but haven't used it. I did Simple Green & Washing Soda yesterday. My water seems pretty normal, not overly soft or hard.

I really want to get this figured out in the next few days before the baby gets here. I don't know that I can handle a 2yo and a newborn and stinky cloth.
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