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Re: How do you find the time...

Your 2 mo is too young...but include your 19 mo in doing things. My DD loves to help with laundry (hands me one thing at a time to put in the wash or takes stuff out of the dryer for me to fold), dishes (throws silverware in the drawer), cooking (snaps greenbeans in half or helps me fill a pot with water), cleaning (hand her a wet rag and tell her to clean the floor/table/fridge...she loves it!), etc.
She does not really do that great a job, and it makes most stuff take a little longer...but
a) It gets done
b) she enjoys doing things together with me
c) she is learning to do things which is many kids don't have to do squat. My DH had never used a dishwasher or done laundry when I met him...NEVER

It is hard to get stuff done, and I know I am tempted to just do it myself so it gets done properly and quickly..but there just isn't time. This way I get stuff done, DD has a great time...everyone is happy
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