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Re: Question about using cash?

I kinda think the same way as you as in when we spend a little to much in one area we cut back on another...hubby doesnt thinks thats how a budget works! Becasue we shouldnt be going over int he first place, but sometimes you have to or do by accident. But honestly i tell him if we spend $$8 more dollars on chips for example, then we just dont get the $8 steak and make due. How is that not a budget? It will balance the same. I think cash is a great idea. This is howo much you haev to spend and thats it. It really would make you more congnisent when shopping and start counting the priec of everythign to make sur eyou have enuf cash. Its just easier to get out the debit card. Now you have me cosnidering just goign by cash!
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