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Re: 3D/4D Ultra sounds....

Originally Posted by ewebabymama
You can't really tell what the child looks like and/or the images are rather distorted. They are really overpriced IMO.
I have to respectfully disagree with the first sentence. I have my 3D/4D pics of my son at 28 or 30 weeks and they look just like him at birth! They kept commenting when doing the u/s that he had a big bottom lip like my hubby and he does! He looked just like the pics when he was born! And to me they do not look like the 2D images at all - you can really see what the baby looks like - if he/she has a round face or long face or big ears or little ears or whatever the case may be - we even saw *Private* parts that confirmed he was definitely ALL boy! And those *private* parts certainly look more real in 3D than they do on the 2D.

I do agree that they USED to be REALLY Overpriced. 4 years ago when I wante done the least expensive one was about $400 - however now the least expensive ones are about $150 and go up to about $300. Most here average about $175 to $230.
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