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Re: 3D/4D Ultra sounds....

I agree that the 3D pics do look like the baby, the ones we had done looked just like ds's face which was really neat!
I don't know about costs of these ultrasounds since I live in Canada and they don't do the 3D/4D ultrasounds at places where you can pay for them.
Although these US's are really neat, and the only reason I had one done is because I am an x-ray technologist and I have ultrasound tech friends that work in the same department as me. So we just did a quick look and took a couple 3D images.
One thing to remember with these is the people doing the ultrasounds are not trained ultrasound tech's, they just take some some of crash course through the place they are working for. If you had this done at a hospital as part of a routine exam the tech's would be fully trained and have a lot more expertise.
Although there are no known risks of US exposure to the still don't want to be getting too many US's because no one really know what the effects of extra exposure are. I think the 3D US procedures with the video and pics etc. have up to an hour of exposure which I don't really think is a great thing. If I'm mistaken and it is less than that, then maybe it's not so bad...but I would be wary of the people's qualifications doing the US's, I'd make sure to ask about that!
Anyhoo, that's my
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