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Re: Blessed with Children Struggling for More, Aug 14-21

Good morning I'm glad you're feeling like yourself, Heather! And I agree, weaning could throw things off, even though they weren't nursing all that much anymore it's still a change. IIRC it took 2-3 months post-weaning each time for AF to settle into a totally predictable pattern again.

AFM, I should be CD 2, but AF hasn't shown up yet. I'm getting pretty grouchy about it, because the tests are still consistently negative, and I just want to get on with the next cycle. DH and I talked it over and we're going to re-try the same regimen as last month, except this time with Robitussin CD 8-15 (or whenever turns out to be 24 hours post-O) to thin CM. Fingers crossed.
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