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Failed 1 hour glucose

Overly bummed about it, I almost cried about it. Mainly because I do ot want a 3 hour test, and I have to choke down the glucola, and try my best not to barf in fear they'll make me redo it (first time, I swallowed my barf to avoid a redo) 2nd pregnancy I had horrible hypermesis, so the entire thing was a battle (I did throw up, I just kept it to myself, there was no way I was going to repeat it) but I failed and ended up back for a 3 hour....

Anywho, if you ever failed do you remember what you blood sugar was? Mine was 164 ( I fasted, despite not having too just because I was so scared I'd fail) but looking at the 3 hour test levels, I don't see how I won't fail the 3 hour though. :/
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