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Re: Talk to me about competitive gymnastics

That's very kind of you.

She was exhausted tonight. But, she had an amazing time today. She wasn't particularly fond of the 20 minutes of warmups that they did, but I don't know many people who particularly love that aspect of sports.

I was very impressed with how much they taught in the short amount of time. They worked on floor skills, bars and beam. I was pretty amazed by how much she learned and was able to do by the end of the class. Just a couple of weeks ago she couldn't get onto the bar by herself and tonight she was doing a couple of different rolls around them. I was pleased to see that the coaches actively repositioned the girls to make sure that they were performing the skills properly. I would definitely say that she was in the middle in most of the activities today with a couple of areas being toward the lower end of skill and a couple where she was close to the top.

She said she likes it better than her rec class. We are definitely going to attend the Monday session and see how it goes. I am leaning toward allowing her to try it. I think that she will advance more quickly in this group than where she is. Even after 2 hours at the gym, she was still working on her handstands when she got home.

So, I guess my thoughts are -

It looks like it will be a great opportunity for her to really increase her skills. At her skill level there aren't classes that meet that often in the rec side. As quickly as she was picking things up tonight, I think perhaps sticking with the rec side will wind up holding her back.

On the other side. At this level competition is likely to be all about the participation ribbon sort of thing. I'm really not into feel good participation ribbons. So, I would prefer to wait to actually compete until the competition is a true competition, if that makes sense.

So, I'm going to talk to the head coach on Moday. I think we will ultimately decide to participate and perhaps only attend a couple of the meets to get a feel for them.
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