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anyone with an older child with some plagio (flat head)

I had a hard delivery with my first child 13 years ago. He dropped when I was 29 weeks so I had to go on bedrest until I had him at 26 1/2 weeks. He was born head up and he had a bad cone head. At that time I didnt know about plagio or helmets and I didnt even have internet back then except for at work. His left ear kept folding forward and I couldnt understand why that one did and the other didnt. But one day when he was around 4 weeks old my mom was holding him and I saw his top of head looking down from a bird's view. Well his head was all flat on the left side and his left ear looked closer to his face. I flipped out. My mom helped me as we tried to position him through the next couple of months. I didnt mention it to the babysitter because I didnt want people to look for it. I did mention it to the dr and he said it would even out and not to worry. Of course this was 13 years ago. Well my son's left ear ended up sticking out and he got picked on so he had ear surgery to fix it. It did get better and its probably mild now but you dont notice it unless he looks in the mirror a certain way. I did measure his ears to his eyes when it started looking better and his left ear is only 1/8th inch closer that the other but thats not bad and I dont think any of us are symmetrical. But if he was to ever shave his head your would notice that the left back of his head is flatter and that his left ear looks closer to his face even though not much. I dont know why it looks worse in the mirror.

But my thing is that my son is getting older and I wonder if any other kids notice and if he even notices. Im worried one day he might shave his head and get picked on or he might blame me. I think my mom saw the helmet thing on tv when he was around a year old or something. I cant remember. I just remember thinking now its too late. My mom says she doesnt notice it anymore but I know its still there. I cut his hair now so I notice when I cut it. I just wish that it was talked about more back then so I could have fixed it. But I dont even know if they like to helmet mild cases because I think his is probably mild now.
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