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OMG I need motivation and a good kick in the pants! I am hoping to get some good ideas and maybe start some good habits.
I WOH ft, as does DH. DH works a weird schedule which means he gets more DD time than the average bear, but means we are both solo parenting except for TWO days per month :-)
The house is clean-ish. The high traffic areas are picked up regularly bc I cannot stand clutter everywhere. But things tend to pile up in baskets everywhere (so it looks organized but is actually chaos).
First thing to tackle: the constant pile of crud on the steps. Lots of going-up or coming-down but Mt Stairs just kinda sits there. I would love to keep this impromptu landing zone clean!
I vacuum the bedrooms maybe once/month and scrub the bathroom floors even less frequently. I need help. i have NO system as you can probably tell.
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