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Re: Basically it's Thursday

I have been checking the weather, but honestly it changes so fast here it is kind of pointless.

Kari, I am not big on baby gates. We only had one in our whole baby career, and it was to the door of the office of the last Texas house that was full of computers and the catbox. We didn't gate off the 4 inch step down, or the kitchen, or any other rooms, etc. We did use one of those doorknob covers when Ginger first learned how to open doors so she would stay in bed at night for about a month, but we could hear when she used it so we knew if it was important for her to get out or not. The house before this one was the first one with stairs, half flights only, and we never could figure out how to gate it so Ian (then barely 2YO) had to figure it out the hard way.

IDK about full flights of stairs tho, this is the first house we've had with them. I totally see the argument for gates on full flights of stairs, but I have also heard when you have other younger kids that can't work them properly, it can cause more problems than it prevents. I think it totally depends on the particular kids involved. But I say if you can get along without them, you should try.
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