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2 year old with tooth decay- need support

We just took DD to the dentist because we noticed some brown spot on her molars and of course she has cavities! They want to do fillings and sealants on her teeth. She also Has minor decay on her top front teeth. I'm heartbroken and feel responsible somehow.

I'm still nursing (day and night). We brush her teeth morning and night with Tom's kids toothpaste and after meals with water. I'm going to look for calcium powder today to make my own toothpaste. We don't drink soda or juice and don't eat a lot of sugary foods. I've been looking into remineralizing her teeth and started a cod liver oil supplement and am waiting on a K2 supplement. We've also cut back on fruits and are eating more meat, eggs and vegetables.

Is there anything else I can do? I would love to be able to heal her teeth so she doesn't need the fillings. They want to do one in Jan and the other in Feb. She also had food allergies so we can't eat dairy

Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thanks mamas!
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